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    I decided to change my SEO plug-in the other day. I’ve been using WP Meta SEO but I wanted something more comprehensive therefore I installed Yoast SEO. Unfortunately there seems to be a compatibility problem. When Yoast is activated you’re plug-in will not display properly. I also tried this on a local copy, deactivating some other plugins that I thought might be responsible but it looks like Responsive Lightbox & Gallery is the problem or perhaps Yoast is.


    Found out what the problem was ?
    In Responsive Lightbox & Gallery – General: Loading place: Select where all the lightbox scripts should be placed.
    This needs to be set to Footer


    Same problem.
    When the Yoast SEO plug-in is enabled, the gallery stops working.
    Switching the boot to Footer does not help.

    Test site http://2.vendigo.ru/photo


    @vendigo the gallery is working but looks like something’s wrong with the gallery settings that messes the output (displays as single column).
    What if you disable yoast SEO? Is the display back to multi column display?
    Is it only with masonry gallery or basic grid is messed as well?



    I will jump into discussion as I have similar issue. I’m using basic grid view and problem with with $gallery_no as it’s being used to generated correct html and inline css. It seems that Yoast does some optimizations and generated html does not match generated inline css (#rl-gallery-container etc).

    Tried to switch to footer loading, same issue. If I disable Yoast, everything works just fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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