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    Under EU cookie law for GDPR it is a requirement to store the record of the acceptance of cookies by a user.

    Where is a user’s acceptance stored?

    Is it in the database somewhere?


    After user accepts the cookies it is stored as cn_cookies_accepted value in user browser.


    OK, I was going to raise this query about GDPR. I am using this “Post Views Counter” plugin so I realised it has to keep track of somethign else it can’t supress repeated views within 24 hours.

    Kindly explain to me if there are any specific steps I have to take on my site for GDPR in relation to this plugin. I do have a Cookie Consent plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/uk-cookie-consent/

    Thanks for explaining.



    First of all, thank you for providing and adjusting this plugin to help us with the GDPR!

    After user accepts the cookies it is stored as cn_cookies_accepted value in user browser.

    Ok, so the user ) the one that is visiting our website ( can check his/hers own browser to see what and where the cookies were stored.) I myself, would not know where to find that. In firefox> Storage Inspector in Developer Tools and select Cookies from the storage tree ) so far was not able to find out where I could find this in Chrome.

    By GDPR we should be able to present the ( by our websites stored cookie data ) if a client/visitor askes for it.
    I have no idea how that should be done?

    Also, when a visitor accepts the cookie notice from this plugin, where can we get to that data, so we can present this to understandable, readable info for that client or visitor?



    I agree. As I see GDPR there needs to be somewhere a log-file with taking note when a user accepted or disallowed 3rd party cookies – including date stamp, ip address, browser information.

    Also it would be highly appricated if there is a link that deletes the cookie and forces the cookie notice to show up again. That link could be placed in the privacy notifications.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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