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    HI there,

    we have the watermark working on the images when they are in a gallery grid ( but when you open them up in lightbox, the watermarks are no longer there, not sure why it happened as it was working previously before and the images are watermrked in the media library


    Got the similar problem when importing image watermark is visible in media library but not on site? Furthermore I checked “Disable right click on images” – this is not working for some reason. Please advise.


    Having the same problem. Media gallery only showing *-scaled.jpg images while full size images are linked in the posts.
    The watermark is only applied ot the scaled images. Apparently this is a responsive feature:

    How can watermarking be applied to ALL pictures please?


    @jayxcamps > I checked your URL. Looks like you changed to Responsive Gallery Grid.
    I still use this one and it works fine on my installation.

    FYI: full/original images shouldn’t get a watermark, since it’s the original and otherwise you can’t revert it imo. Solution: use a scaled image in the gallery, which has the watermark.

    > check your js console. something might be conflicting. The right click option works.

    > You shouldn’t watermark your originals because reverting will be more difficult. Just use/create a new size as ‘large image’ and add that to the watermarking selection.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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