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    Is this plugin still working as I have tried to apply this manually to an image but I can not see the watermark,



    Yes, this plugins is working on couple of our sites and on hundreds of other users sites. If you don’t get any error messages you must be doing something wrong in your watermark setup.


    i’m having the same problem tried everything I can think of still no watermark showing


    This is now working fine. I think it was a cache issue.

    However, is there a way to remove a watermark if applied in error?



    a b

    The plugin disables the right-click menu as it is supposed to, but I can’t get the watermart image to show.

    Automatic Watermarking: On
    Manual Watermarking: Off
    Enable watermark for: (all the image sizes are slected) / Everywhere
    Watermark Position: Center
    Offset: 0/0
    Watermark Image: tried JPG and PNG images
    Watermark Size: Scaled
    Custom Size: 0/0
    Scale: 80%
    Transparency: 50%
    Image Quality: 90%
    Image Format: Tried both Baseline and Progressive
    Image Protection: Everything checked

    Wordpress: 3.6

    BAW Login/Logout menu by Juliobox version 1.3.2,
    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget by Black Studio version 1.2.0,
    Easing Slider “Lite” by Matthew Ruddy version 2.1.2,
    Google Analytics by Kevin Sylvestre version 1.0.5,
    Image Watermark by dFactory version 1.1.4,
    Jetpack by by Automattic version 2.3.5,
    Link Library by Yannick Lefebvre version,
    LotekMedia Custom Login by John Mann version 1.2.0,
    WooCommerce PayPal Pro (Classic and PayFlow Editions) Gateway by WooThemes version 3.0.3,
    WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite by Mike Jolley version 1.5.0,
    WooCommerce UPS Shipping by WooThemes version 2.0.9,
    WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.0.13,
    WooThemes Updater by WooThemes version 1.1.3,
    WordPress Importer by wordpressdotorg version 0.6.1,
    WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk version 1.4.13,
    Online Backup for WordPress by Jason Woods @ Backup Technology version 3.0.2

    Any ideas?



    @a b can you provide temporary admin access to your site? (post a new topic and reply to it using private reply option). We’d like to take a look at your site.

    Miguel Santos

    Hello. I installed your plugin today for the first time and i noticed that the protection for images is working but the watermark is not applied to images. I think i didn’t do anything wrong.

    My settings:

    Automatic watermarking on

    Manual watermarking off

    Enable watermark for large medium post-thumbnail thumbnail

    on selected post types only post page dsn_note wysijap feedback

    Watermark alignment center center
    offset 0 0

    Watermark size scaled
    Scale of watermark in relation to image width 60%
    Watermark transparency / opacity 50%
    Image format baseline

    Image protection
    Disable right mouse click on images YES
    Prevent drag and drop YES
    Enable image protection for logged-in users also YES

    I’m using WordPress 3.6 in portuguese at

    Can you help me?




    We will be doing an update for Image Watermark in a couple of weeks, changing the way watermark is applied. Maybe this will help.

    Cyril Treuillet


    I am working on this website for a painter :

    I would like to use the Image Watermark to protect her paintings but I cannot see the watermark on the image. I’ve tried each parameter but nothing has change.

    Could someone take a look if I’m providing temporary the admin access ?



    Yes Cyrill, it would be the good idea. But please post a new topic for this and then reply to, with some login credentials. (this way it will be visible to you, the topic autor, and us, the moderators only)

    Cyril Treuillet

    Ok I’ve created a new topic and an answer with the credentials. I hope it works.

    Cyril Treuillet

    Did you succeed in getting my login credentials and did you have some moments to check my website. As moderator you may have my e-mail address, you can also send me an email so that I can give you my login credentials.

    Cyril Treuillet


    I’ve seen some changes. Did you change anything on my website. I can see the banner in the first page with the watermark. What did you do exactly.

    But the watermark is only on this image. But I can’t add it on the other and each time I’m changing the data in the parameters to change the size and the opacity of the watermark nothing is changing. I would like to have it in the left bottom corner and more transparent.

    – What should I do to have the watermark on each picture ?

    – Why changes in the parameters are not taken into account ?

    I’ve seen that you’ve added “—Art” at the end of the name of the picture. I’ve tried to change name of other pictures by adding “—Art” but it did not change anything?

    I’ve add my coments on this page. You can also add yours :

    I’m looking forward to get your answer. I really need to protect my pictures.


    gordian miller

    Thank You Dfactory – the Watermark plugin works fine. I just ask myself where can I find the rendered pictures. I would like to delete them and let render a new version of them.


    Gordian, there was an info about regenerating watermarked images somewhere on the forum.

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