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    hi, the watermark didn’t work, it shows up twice as just grey and black boxes. in the bulk action there is ‘apply watermark’, HOW do I remove the watermark from the images?


    Can you provide links to some pictures and watermark image? We will try to figure it out.
    You can’t remove image watermarks.


    I have the same problem but I DO NEED to remove te wotermark from the images since the program as automatically watermaked my pics twice in different sizes covering part of the images… and I can’t upload “clean” images again.
    Can you please help me?



    If it was possible to remove the watermark from image then it wouldn’t perform it’s task – to protect images from use and/or copying by others.

    However if you follow this workflow you’ll be able to achieve that:

    1. Do not apply watermark to full size images
    2. Install any plugin that allows regenerating images (for e.g. AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild or Regenerate Thumbnails). Both allow you to regenerate images using an original (full size) image.
    3. Then, if your original (full size) image doesn’t have a watermark applied to it you may regenerete other image sizes and so remove watermark.

    Elie Awad

    thank you for ruining my albums/photos and all my hard work, why on earth would you do such a thing as hardcoding a watermark to photos???? if i knew i couldnt remove watermarks i would never have used this plugin!!!!!!!!!! i now thanks to you have to rebuild my hole websitre and albums!!!!!!
    and this peice of shit plugin doesnt even work!!!!!!!!!! works for half the pictures And not the other half, u make changes to the watermark adn you end up with 2 or more watermarks on the same image!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!


    Hi Elie,

    First, sorry that you have problems using our plugin – it’s intended to help people, not to mess up their work. But I think you have misunderstood the idea of watermarking. Watermark, to be effective, must be merged into a digital file (an image or sound). Otherwise it would not serve it’s purpose – to protect from usage in original form.

    What you did can be reverted tough. If you followed the instructions, you have watermarked only image sizes other than the full size image, which is the original file as it was uploaded to the site. Other image sizes are generated from it. So if you applied watermark to those generated images, you can regenerate them from the original file using plugins like Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild or Regenerate Thumbnails.

    The procedure is described in the reply above.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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