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    jillian vee

    allows you to automatically watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and bulk watermark previously uploaded images.

    I cant find how to do this. I installed it this morning and there are no options I can see.

    Can anyone suggest how to watermark my images already in my library.


    To make plugin works you have to at least (settings page):
    – turn on “Automatic watermarking” for uploading new images or “Manual watermarking” for images already in Media Library,
    – set watermark image
    – set image sizes on which watermark should appear.

    That is it. :)

    If you still have problems please respond.

    jillian vee

    Thankyou, that is great. I managed to do that, however, the watermark I made was horrible, and I placed it on 15 images. Is there any way I can remove it?


    You can not remove watermarks from watermarked images.

    jillian vee

    I appreciate your response. Thankyou


    I also have trouble finding option to manually add watermark to existing image. I have both settings to on and it works with new images I upload, but how do I add watermark to existing images? I cannot find any button in media library to manually watermark, could someone post a screenshot with the location of it? Thanks


    1. Activate Image Watermark
    2. Make sure it’s updated to 1.1.1 release
    3. Go to Watermark settings
    4. Enable Manual watermarking
    5. Go to Media Library.
    6. On the left top part of the screen you’ll see Bulk Actions. Under that dropdown menu a new option should appear – Apply Watermark.
    7. Select images (checkbox on the left of image title) you want to apply watermark to
    8. Click Apply
    9. Wait for the notice about how many images were watermarked
    10. Done

    If you don’t get any notice, check the images you select. If selected images are not jpg or png the watermark will not be applied.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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