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    Viewing posts is very strange. In Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers, updating a post page or opening a post does not increase the number of views. It only works when you press ctrl + f5 and only occasionally.

    There is no caching on the site. There are no caching plugins.

    My plugin settings:

    Post Types Count: Posts
    Counter Mode: PHP (also tried Fast AJAX)
    Count Interval: 1 min.
    Reset Data Interval: 0 days
    Flush Object Cache Interval: 0 min.

    Wordpress 5.3.2
    PHP 7.2.25

    My site:

    Please help with my problem. Thanks in advance!


    Second question. I have enabled the “Auto Load Next Post” functionality. Infinite scrolling of posts does not affect the number of views. How can this be fixed?


    The way which posts, when and from what type of users is controlled by you via plugin settings. So you should be able to adjust it this way.

    However I would suggest switching to JS or Fast Ajax mode as this is the most accurate.

    Regarding the “Auto Load Next Post” – if there’s no opening a new page this will not be handled by the plugin – it’s doable but you’d have to custom code it probably,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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