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    Hell.o @all, I’m just posting here some issues, maybe someone else have been there already..
    I’m having trouble with the pagination.. if pagination is enabled, the 1st page has data-rel=”prettyPhoto-gallery-xxxxXXXXxxxx00055xxYYYy”
    All the other pages have data-rel=”prettyPhoto-gallery-1″
    What can I do to have just one gallery, with data-rel=”prettyPhoto-gallery-1″ – for all the images in that gallery?!
    So if I navigate from the lightbox of some image from page 7 I could still see the images from page one..
    Now there are two separate galleries in one.. page one & the rest.

    Also, this plugin works just fine with a3 Lazy Load if no pagination is enabled.
    If pagination is enabled, one needs to – Do not apply lazy load for the “Galleries” Post Type or exclude galleries by link, else the thumb source will fail to load
    (infinite load for lazy_placeholder.gif, and the full image is loaded in the background). It’d be nice not to exclude the lazy load

    Anyone managed to (WpAll)export/import galleries from one site to another, or in the same site perhaps?! Any code customization..

    Thanks in advance! ^_^

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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