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    Ronnie James

    Having problems with Restrict Widget. Brand new to WordPress (just changed from a photography website that used a flash template). I’m trying to display a few lines of text at the bottom of just the Home page of my website (a Photocrati WordPress Theme) using a footer, and a few lines of different text at the bottom of my About Me page, with NO text displayed on the other pages (Galleries, Blog, Contact, etc). No matter what I try to hide or select in the Restrict Widget fields, the text (let’s say I want on the Home page) either shows up on all the pages or none of the pages. Is there a link to some training on how to use the widget for newbies like myself?


    Hi Ronnie,

    There’s a short video tutorial prepared by one of our users. You can find it here:

    But a very good idea for you, would be to digg into the WordPress conditional tags – that’s how wordpress recognize the currently displayed page. It’s perfectly described in the Codex:, and our plugin is mostly based on the functions displayed there.

    I hope it will guide you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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