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    My first ticket seems to have disappeared, but I still need an answer to this issue as this is quite essential to the layout of my website (and the choice for a premium plugin).

    Using Blocksy theme with Responsive Gallery and Lightbox, Basic Masonry Gallery and ToRUs lightbox, images – where possible – set to large or full sizes: on click of gallery image the lightbox opens but doesn’t fill the browser window. There’s an ugly empty space left at the bottom, a smaller one at the top.

    I would like to have the lightbox (and with this, the image) to fill the browser window. Seems quite a simple thing, but apparently not a default? Is there some setting or code I can tweak to do this?

    If filling browser window isn’t possible, then is it at least possible to click on image in the lightbox and have it (attachment page?) open in new tab so that it can be viewed full size?

    Thanks in advance for a reply/solution!


    Can’t edit original post?

    TosRUs lightbox, obviously. Thought I’d clarify ;).

    This image shows the empty space at the bottom of the page:

    Hope someone can help!


    As I’m furthering my investigation, I think it might be the space for the caption/title/description that is showing? I don’t use those for the gallery or lightbox, so indeed, they remain blank/empty.

    But shouldn’t the content make use of it and fill up that space then?

    So my question now is: how do I get the content (image in lightbox) to fill out all available space in the browser window?

    Secondary matter of getting image to open full size in new tab upon click from lightbox is also still unresolved, but for the layout of the site, the lightbox-filling-browserwindow is most urgent.

    The search for answers continues!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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