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    Ned Buratovich

    To demonstrate this, I set up simple site, WP 4.9.1, Twenty Seventeen theme, just two plugins,
    Responsive Lightbox v1.7.2 and Responsive Lightbox – PhotoSwipe v1.0.6.

    If you need admin access, let me know.

    Ned Buratovich

    Hello Bartosz, are you able to troubleshoot this?



    We’ve found the problem.
    It’s the naming conventions you use which collide with WordPress image size names and PhotoSwipe method to get image size from the file url (name).

    These images are identical:

    But the second one contains a “-4x6new” ending which is interpreted by PhotoSwipe as the image size and added as data-size=”4×6″ parameter.
    That’s how WordPress adds it’s image size information while generating image sizes from the original – it adds “-WidthxHeight”.

    Now – there is one difference we will try to use to recognize the two, but might not work in all scenarios.

    Ned Buratovich

    Thank you so much, Bartoz, for your investigation and clear answer to my problem.

    With this knowledge, I can easily change the naming convention on my files.

    (The reason for my late reply is that, even though I checked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” I didn’t receive email alert of your answer.)

    I am very please with your response that gives me a simple work-around to my problem. I will take my troubleshooting site down now that the issue has been resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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