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    there there


    Here are my findings on recurrence:

    – When set up an event to start, for example on 15 January and end on 6 April, on my Calendar widget (event calendar widget), when i skip months, february, march, none of those days are clickable, but when i get into April, the first days until 6 are clickable and are working well. Why arent the days from March and February working?

    – When using custom recurrence, they dont show up on widget calendar. For example, when i set up an event from 1 january to 15 january and set up 3 custom recurrences to 1 January, 7 January and 15 January, all days on widget calendar from 1 January to 15 January have the event inside. It was supposed to only 1,7 and 15 January to have it.

    Really thanks for the help,
    Gratz for the plugin!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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