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    we’ve been using the Image Watermark plugin for a few days (Thanks!).

    For the most part everything’s fine, but the ‘Apply Watermark’ button keeps disappearing from the image settings.

    After some digging, this is what’s happening: In the plugin settings, the option ‘Keep original image backup’ keeps getting disabled for some reason ( didn’t figure out why ) Seems like a bug or conflict… This wouldn’t be an issue. But since there is a very strange condition in the function which places the button in the attachment editor, this causes the watermark button to disappear.

    Why is there an if check for the image backup option to display the button? I can’t figure that one out :)

    Code: … $this->options[‘backup’][‘backup_image’] …
    File: image-watermark.php
    Line: 454

    Is this a bug?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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