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    Andreas Boeck

    I wrote on 7th March a presalse question but did not get any answere, so I bought the “Photo & Art Bundle” Business license in hope there are no issues. I wrote you again on 11th March and again got no answere. This is now my third attempt. I hope you fully fulfill your promise with “prioritized support” for your business customers:

    I have some issues with the plugin and extensions as follow:

    1. The extension “Slider Gallery” seems to have some issue as can be seen on your page The example of the vertial slider on this page looks a bit weired on different browsers (left arrow out of window, bullet on the left below the image etc.).

    I have activated the Add-on and I do have the same issue as described: Left arrow is out of window/image and the arrows are broken below and not fully shown. Furthermore there is a space on the left side of the image, you can see it on your example in the vertical slider (possible the reason why the left arrow looks out of image?) and horizontal slider.

    Is this Add-on outdated? I am not sure when it was last modified but with this problems I can not use it, please let me know what needs to be done.

    2. I can´t change any settings in “Gallerys | Basic Slider”. For example when I deactivate Slideshow” and save changes, the option is still activted.

    3. I do have quite a lot of WordPress default gallerys which I can use with RLG, that was the main reason I bougth all extensions. I do understand that in “General” settings I can choice what Slider is used for this WordPress default gallerys and this is also working.

    However, there is not much options to design the default output like the background color and transparenz of the title which I can use if I design my own Gallery (“Gallery | Design”).

    If I use in a post the gallery Type “Standard”, the title background below the slider is white which looks not good at all. If I use Type “Slider Pro”, the title background is black.

    How can I adjust those design? Is it possible to creat my own Galler slider and use it as default for WordPress standard gallerys?

    4. I am using already deeplinking inside the lightbox with “Lightgallery” Extension – is it also possible to use within a normal gallerie slider?


    Hi Andreas,

    Regarding the things you’ve mentioned:

    1. there’s an issue indeed (with theme styles overriding plugin gallery styles) and an update is on the way (working on improvements)

    2. we’ll check this

    3. each gallery has a predifined set of default options that can be adjusted in Lightbox -> Galleries settings. when you modify that for a specific gallery style, like basic it will be used as default style for every new gallery created in the builder and for the default gallery replacement.

    slider pro does not have a background color setting but that is controlled in the Design tab when you create a gallery via Builder. however if you provide us a link to the gallery you have and tell us the colors you prefer we’ll send you a CSS code snippet you can use to make it work also for the default gallery (if i understand your question correctly)

    4. deeplinking is indeed available for lightgallery lightbox but there is no such option for the galleries. but honestly we don’t see a use case for such functionality – can you tell us more about that?

    Andreas Boeck
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    Andreas Boeck

    Hi Bartosz,

    thank you for your reply.

    1. Great for the update of Slider Gallery, I have seen you updated the plugin already! Does it come automatically or do I need to updated manually?

    3. Thank you and this is understood. Yes, you also understood my issue correctly! Is there a possibility to use a gallery created with builder as default slider for standard WordPress Gallery (using function.php)?

    If not it would be great if you can supply us with CSS code snippet. I tried to send you some links of a non produtive test site, but for whatever reasons the reply does not show up, so I try now again without any links.

    If the Slider looks like the current example on your Website, that would be great and I would play a bit with transparency for example of the black backgroung of the title / caption. Please also consider that there is quite a lot of space between the end of the slider and the text of the post, it would be good to adress this too in the CSS code snipet (there is just a normal break in WordPress editor between the standard gallery and the text).

    Great would be if we create a gallery with the builder which we would like to apply for any standard WordPress gallery (using Slider Gallery). If this is not possible I can handle that with CSS code snippet.

    4. The reason why we are asking is that for our own and aso client projects we realized that there is quite a lot of people who are not aware that they can click on a image which opens the lightbox slider. In mind of that and the fact that we love the function to link to a specific image, it would be a good idea to include that also in normal slider gallery.

    Thanks a lot,

    Andreas Boeck

    Ae you completly out of Business now?

    I never have experienced such a bad – or better no – Support, especially since you confirmed that there is a serious problem with a paid product you offered. I nfact I found quite a lot of other people who experienced the same!

    The fact that you offer business software and promise “prioritized support” can only be considered as a scam. Your products are outdated and have unresolved issues and either you don´t answere or it takes weeks to get an answere.

    Very bad experience, you should stop selling products with this kind of behaviour or at least explain what the problem is.

    Andreas Boeck

    After all this time, no repsonse and / or any support and the fact that the buyed product still has the – from you confirmed – bug please refund me the paid amount as fast as possible. If not I do have to take legal measures and file a case of fraud!

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