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    Andrija Kokanovic

    Hi there, first of all I must say this is an awesome plugin that saved me lots of time!
    Second, I made a serbian translation of the plugin – if you are interested you can download it here

    I am kind of stuck with the translation of the calendar itself. Is there any tutorial on how can I properly do that? I reused some of the other language files and translated them, but I dont think I am doing it the way it is supposed to be done ( there are always some leftovers untranslated ).


    Thank you Andrija,

    For both – translation and the kind words. We’ll indlude your files in the upcoming release.

    When it comes to your question – you mean the advanced full calendar, right? This is not purely handled by EM, but the calendar JS script itself. In order to make it fully localized in your language you’d have to look into assets/fullcalendar/lang/. It includes JS files with strings for specified language code. If EM finds a JS file for the site current language it’s being automatically loaded, otherwise the default (english) is used.

    If you create a JS file in your language we could include it in the plugin too.

    Andrija Kokanovic

    Yep, full calendar. I found the language files but I am strugling to translate them. Whenever I change the t.lang from the one inside the file I am using to translate, it wont load.

    Here is the english language file which I translated

    I translated everything I could find but when I am on the calendar page it shows me these english words: MONTH WEEK DAY, ALL DAY ( see here: , here: and here: )

    I found this line in another language file that is missing in english and I translated it and tried to insert it in my file:
    But it just wont work. Any idea how to bypass this?

    I partly bypassed this problem by translating ca.js but I dont understand half of what is inside so its just half translated :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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