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    Henriette Santing

    I’ve purchased Responsive Lightbox – Slider Gallery plugin ($19,00). And I installed the plugin and the plugin is activated.

    But: there is no plugin! In the dashboard there is the remark:
    “Responsive Lightbox – Slider Gallery extension requires Responsive Lightbox plugin activated to work.”

    Do I need another plugin?

    Please help! I’m happy to send screenshots.

    regards, Henriƫtte.

    Henriette Santing

    I now understand how it works, I had to install another plugin, the ‘responsive lightbox gallery plugin’. I’ve done that.

    I would like to link the Slider Pro with a lightbox with a strip thumbnails at the bottom with white and red borders.You can find a example here:

    And the go to:
    ‘Basic slider gallery with fade effect and navigation’

    This lightbox is what I want, but I can’t find it in the settings ‘Lightbox/ general’

    Regards, Henriƫtte Santing.

    Henriette Santing

    Hi Bartosz,

    Responsive lightbox – slider gallery plugin does not work together with plugin Yoast SEO Premium.

    Unfortunately, Yoast is a important plugin. Is this familiar to you, can you help?

    Please, answer my question this time. I’ve bought your plugin, so I’m entitled to some support.

    regards, Henriette

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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