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    Dear Sirs
    I downloaded the plugin as I need the images on my gallery to show full screen on my iPhone.
    Unfortunately doesn’t seems to work.
    If you please take a look at one of my gallery from iPhone and click on one of the images you will notice that the images pop up in a very small size.

    Hope you can help me…maybe is something to do with the settings?

    Thank you!!


    I suggest you switch to Swipebox in Responsive Lightbox settings. It uses full screen on all devices.

    Aric Attas

    I am using the prettyPhoto option on Responsive Lightbox and it works great with the default WordPress gallery. It will not work when I choose the Tiled Mosaic Gallery from Jetpack. Is there a way to make this work again? It seems it worked in the past.

    Here’s an example:



    I see how old this is – but I don’t see a resolution – and I like the jetpack tiled Mosaic also – and this plugin doesn’t work with any jetpack tile gallery format that I can see. Is there any plans for a solution? Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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