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    Rob van Haarlem

    I bought a license for the responsive lightbox comments, at first everything worked. After a few days it seems like the comment option is blocked or disabled. The pop-up still works and shows the comment section but you cant select fields or input anything.

    I didnt update anythnig or changed any settings.

    Anyone had this problem before and knows how to fix it?

    Rob Mitch

    Got it today Jan 2024 and exactly same.
    First it worked.
    Have deactivated all plugins but RLG stuff and still a problem.

    I’ve also noticed that some images say comments disabled but there is no reason it should be. After uploaded hundreds of images by the same process, why would some have comments disabled in this plugin or otherwise?

    Can’t activiate license either.

    Rob Mitch

    It seems that the plugin conflicts with its own extensions.
    The relationships between Gallery-Lightbox and all the configurations is ropey.

    eg. seems the comments were disabled by the Magnifico light box or one of its settings. Although am not even sure it was that but I know that changing the grid and lightbox settings have different troublesome effects.

    Changing grid or Lightbox brought back comments. But am not sure which one.

    Rob Mitch

    The message is:

    Comments are closed.
    No comments yet

    Sorry, this attachment cannot be comment.

    but I don’t know why only on some.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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