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    Eddy LC


    I’d like to change the date of this recurring event. How can I disable the link ? How can I put a “|” between each date ?

    Thank you for your amazing work !


    There are multiple ways, but this one would be the easiest I think: use em_display_event_occurrences_args filter hook located in template-functions.php

    That’s how it looks in detail:

    // default args
    $defaults = array(
    	'separator' => ' - ',
    	'format' => 'link',
    	'before' => '',
    	'after' => '',
    	'show_author_link' => false,
    	'echo' => true
    $args = apply_filters('em_display_event_occurrences_args', wp_parse_args($args, $defaults));

    To remove the link justo change the format to something different than “link”.

    “Before” and “after” parameters are not used for single date but the whole ocurrences block (if yo’ud like to wrap it in a div for example) so it will not help you here.

    To add a separator between single dates you might use em_display_event_occurrences filter hook that stores all the recurring event html output. If combined with str_replace or preg_replace it would be possible.

    Other solution is to copy the entire em_display_event_occurrences() function to your theme functions.php file – than you can apply any modifications you need and this copied function will be used instead of the one in the plugin.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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