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    Johan Pirlouit

    Hi everyone at dFactory,

    (First, I apologize for my limited english…..)

    Thank you really for this WP plugin and the SwipeBox integration. Some functionnalities or options are missing (like a loop on the images set) for the moment but it is not the matter of this thread.

    The problem I see is that SwipeBox stops working when I use another WP plugin: Background Manager (

    Background Manager uses script to change images in the background of the page and SwipeBox only works until the first background change.

    After that, the image opened with SwipeBox appears behind its own overlay, the previous/next/close commands don’t respond and the command/title bars hide themselves after the hide timoute without reappearing with a click as they should. Sometimes SwipeBox opens and only show a black screen. The only workaround is to reload the page.

    By the way, when SwipeBox is launched before the first background change, it works great… until you close SwipeBox and want to relaunch it.

    I did tests with previous public releases of Responsive Lightbox and this problem occurs since version 1.2.1. Versions 1.2.0 and 1.1.2 don’t have this problem…

    Here is an example: For the moment I keep the version 1.3.1 to let you have a look. I forced some transparencies with CSS to help a bit (overlay and title/command bars)..

    EDIT: I use WordPress 3.7.1


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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