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    Hi really nice plugin!
    How can I navigate from one photo to another?
    I have one image per page but there is a projectNav(left\right) to go to the next or previous image, but the lightBox doesn’t noticed it!
    I cancel the ” #fancybox-left, #fancybox-right display: none; ”
    from jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css and now i got the arrows but they doesn’t work. How, which and where do I have to add the function to make them work?

    Thank you very much!!


    Enrico, please post a link to your site first.


    Any advice on how to proced ?


    This is the code in a page.php that create the ProjectsNavigation if it can help:

    <div class=”projectNav clearfix”>
    <div class=”previous <?php if(!get_previous_post()){ echo ‘inactive’; }?>”>
    <?php previous_post_link(‘%link’, ‘%title →’, true, ”, ‘skill’); ?>
    <div class=”next <?php if(!get_next_post()){ echo ‘inactive’; }?>”>
    <?php next_post_link(‘%link’, ‘← %title’, true, ”, ‘skill’); ?>
    </div> <!– end navigation –>


    Anyone can help me to fix this problem??? I really have to solve this issue in order to lanch my web site!
    Please help me!
    Thank you very very much in advanced!


    Enrico, from the first glance it looks like the JS code in RL is incomplete or you made some modifications in it.

    Before we proceed any further please remove the plugin (deactivate and delete) and install it again. Then check if the problem remains.


    Done! but it doesn’t work anyway….


    the href of the previous\next arrow in fancybox.js is just href=”javascript:;” how it could find the permalink of the next or previus page!? the navigation of my project (the one in the theme) is also limited to the same “skill” (is a kind of taxonomy)
    I’m to newbie to understand on my own :(

    Thank you


    Now it works.

    You just have no posts with multiple images to be displayed as a gallery. Images at your home page are link to posts not other images. Images in your post are just single images.

    Am I missing something?


    No you are not missing something :) … I have single image pages (to have unique URL for each image) all my projects (single image page) are divided in “skill”(is like a taxonomy : eventi, cerimonie, naturale and so on) If you open a single image page you can navigate to others images of the same skill with the projectNav above the image (<left or right>)
    I need that the arrows of the lightbox(or fancybox or what else) act like my projectNav!
    :) can you help me??


    Any idea:-))) ? I really need your help!!!!


    Enrico, I thought my previous answer explained you everything.

    Single page is single page, there’s nothing more to open – if you had multiple single images in one page and the plugin option enabled it would be displayed as one gallery. But you have one image on page – to get another images you have to go to another page, where you have one single image.

    There is nothing to creat a gallery from.

    You could the described effect but youd have to:
    1. Load your pages via Ajax in lightbox background
    2. Update the displayed lightbox and append Ajax loaded images

    All this is far from the plugin scope. Try it yourself or hire a really skilled developer to do that for you as this is quite difficult and very specific need.


    I thought that we can make galleryes through each “skill” like the navigation on my web site… it’s really a pity!!
    But thank you for your time, anyway!


    I need also some hints to understand the setting of prettyPhoto.
    in this post (it’s just an example) I have two small images but the previous and next button are not visible and I have to close the image preview and clic on other image to open it.

    If I use SwipeBox the next and previous button are both visible and working.

    Thank you very much.

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