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    I asked about this a week ago, got the auto-reply, but no answer and it’s gone from the forum. Is there a way to make post views counter work with AMP and caching? More than half my views come from mobile phones, so losing all those views every day in the counter in not acceptable. All I see in the page source when it’s displayed with caching turned on is a number – nothing that would increment the counter.

    I’ve tried various combinations of Counter Mode and Flush Object Cache Interval, but none of them work. I use WP fastest cache and have PVC running mode = JavaScript, so it can be excluded from the cache. However, that doesn’t work with AMP, since JS isn’t allowed. At least that way, I get some counts.

    Is there – or will there be – a way to make it work properly with AMP?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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