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    Hello. I wanted to uninstall the Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin because the current button colors do not match the design of the site. after uninstalling the plug-in, the site stops working. Bushes are forming. I have a problem on all my websites. Please help. I can’t change the colors of the buttons.


    could you uninstall the cookie notice plugin?
    no matter what I try, even after deleting the plugin, the cookie notice won’t go away.
    Tried clearing cache, force windows clear, and also deactivated caching and minifying plugins, all no good.
    Why can’t we uninstall and delete this plugin?


    It’s definitelly not Cookie Notice doing that but share your site links please


    I’m also having the same issue. The privacy policy is not linking and just takes the visitor to my latest post.
    i have deactivated the plugin twice, deleted it, removed all the data I could. Even when it was installed, any time I made changes they didn’t take effect.
    But the cookie notice is still showing up! And is blocking another one I installed.

    Any help on getting this off my site is much appreciated.

    Anika |

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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