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    1. It’s ridiculous to warn people against watermarking the “full” size image, as you do on your setting screen. If you don’t watermark “full”, you might as well not bother to watermark at all. That’s the highest-quality copy, the one most worth stealing, and it’s impossible to prevent the “full” image from being displayed on some browsers when the image is used in a post. Even if that were not the case, it’s easy to deduce the URL of the “full” from the URL of any scaled version. Please remove that comment and instead put a warning next to the “backup” checkbox, stating that you must backup to be able to remove watermarks.

    2. Please do something so that if the original image is needed for thumbnail regeneration, your code traps that and provides it from the backup if the “full” image is watermarked. That way we can regenerate thumbnails without the thumbnail being watermarked.

    3. In your settings screen, in the checklist of image sizes, please show the maximum dimensions associated with each image size name, to assist the user in deciding which are large enough to be worth watermarking.

    4. Please add a number field whose purpose is “don’t bother to watermark an image unless the original image is at least ___ pixels in both dimensions” with a default of, say, 250. It’s stupid to automatically watermark icons and other small graphics.

    5. In the “Image protection” section of your settings, please add a note to the effect that these options are weak protection — a knowledgeable and even slightly determined aspiring image thief can easily circumvent them.

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