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    Hello guys, May u help me please?

    The problem is: when i create some event, like Bruna & Daniel wedding, I put there all informations. The events maker creat a link, but when i click , or acess, the 404 error shows up.

    Look at:

    My site:

    Event bruna & Daniel: (Doesnt works, but It was created)

    If i change my permant links on WP settings from “postname” to “standart”, the page will be acessed. BUT i like the structure of “postname” because look likes preety good for SEO.

    May u guys help me to fix this problem, and will be use this fck link:

    Hope u guys are fine.

    Tks for help!


    What if you just resave your permalinks? Of course, keep the postname for as your structure.

    EM is designed to work with “postname” as default. It might be a rewrite rules conflict. Are there any custom rewrite rules in your theme? Are you using any permilnks related plugins?


    Hi Sir..

    I am not using any permanet links plugin…. just from WP settings…

    Im using YOAST as well, and some others for design, not for rewrite…

    You can see the problem in my page:

    When I put default on permanent links, It will be work normally

    What u guys suppose?

    Tks for the attention


    What if you temporary switch to any default WP theme and resave permalinks? Can you tell me if this is working then?


    Hi guys…

    The problem keeps working =(

    Everytime when i change WP permanet links to default, the events page works good.. But i cant use default cause its bad for SEO.

    I resave perman links but nthere are the same problem =(

    u got another soluiton guys?



    I asked you for changing a theme (for a moment), and resaving the permalinks setting. This way we’d know if this is a theme specific issue.

    Did you check that?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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