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    Hi, site has had weird issues today, starting with 500 internal server error, but I got things back up and running, with the exception of the Events Maker calendar widget. It won’t change over to the next month when I click on that link. I did get it to work at one point after deactivating the plugin and reactivating. But when I did that, events disappeared from publication, although they still existed on the backend. So I visited the Permalinks page, then went back, refreshed, and events posts had returned, but the “next month” link did nothing.

    What should I tweak to get that working again?

    Thank you!!!


    Please try to deactivate and delete the plugin. Then install and activate it again. The issues you had might suggest that there was something wrong with the server, so maybe some of the plugin files are lost or corrupted.


    Thank you for your quick response, Bartosz!

    I deactivated and deleted the plugin. Then installed and activated it.

    The calendar widget works perfectly on this page

    But not once you click through to the event

    Nor on the Events page
    Or over here

    I’ve also gone to the Permalinks page in WP admin and saved/updated it. Didn’t seem to change anything.

    What should I do next?

    Thank you for your help!


    Did it change in the just released 1.1.0?


    It worked previously on some pages, but not on others, and I hadn’t figured out why. I will try the new 1.1.0 tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up!


    Calendar Paginator Not working:

    Calendar Paginator Working:

    When I click on

      the calendar pagination doesn’t work
      the page header says it’s the date I *made* the page, rather than saying the date of the event
      the featured image isn’t resizing itself

    I LOVE that you have a featured image showing up now, but wish that they would automatically resize themselves.


    Ok, looks like we found it:

    Error: TypeError: offset is undefined
    Line: 200


    Thanks, Bartosz — how do I fix that?

    I deactivated Flare, but am still having the same problem.

    What should I do next?


    @callune, do you use the most recent version of the plugin? If not, please update.

    It looks to me like here ( there might be no wp_footer() function in this page template. Please check that,


    Hi Bartosz, I’m back, trying to fix this again. I’m using Headway Theme, so I’m not sure why there wouldn’t be a wp_footer() function on the events page(s) while there is on another page. Could you point me to what to look at and how to fix it? Thank you very much!


    Please look at footer.php file in your current theme. wp_footer() function should always be there.

    Basically, it’s a pretty strange behavior, so I’m just guessing what might be the case here.


    Yup, it’s there:

    /* Prevent direct access to this file */
    if ( !defined('WP_CONTENT_DIR') )
    	die('Please do not access this file directly.');
    /* WordPress and a lot of plugins require the function in this file, so I guess we have to use it :-(. */

    Headway Theme v. 3.7.6

    Also: I just updated EM to version 1.1.5, and the calendar widget just plain isn’t working, even on the one page where it used to. I have to pull that widget down now, which is a real bummer because it (would) provide(s) great functionality, just what people really need.

    When people click on a highlighted (active event) day on the widget (which only works for the current month, it won’t advance), they get a page saying there are no events for that day, which isn’t the case — there are two events active/current. Very frustrating.

    I really love your plugins, use several of them for multiple sites, noticed you have some new ones coming out which I look forward to checking out, but I’m bummed that it’s taken several months of trying to fix this error and that part still isn’t working properly.

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