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    Teresa Huber

    Great Plugin. Just a couple of issues.
    The page the plugin made for the events list shows the events pushed all the way to the left. It goes side to side with no margins.

    Same for the single event page – the map is full width and very narrow. I tried adding a sidebar to the pages to reduce the width, but the sidebar wasn’t added either.

    the calendar page is correct.

    Can you give me a way to fix the Event Page and the Single Event Page. – CSS to add in custom css editor or maybe short codes to add to the pages I can create?


    Thx Teresa,

    EM uses it’s own templates based on WP default themes – Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen. If you’re usina a custom theme that has a different structure do as follows:

    1. Go to the plugin folder
    2. Copy all the plugin template files located in Templates to your current theme
    3. Adjust the copied files to suite your current theme – add/remove sidebars, CSS classess etc. The easiest way would be to compare for ex. archive.php (should be in your theme) with archive-event.php (copied from the plugin). If you do so for all the files (single-event.php, taxonomy-event-category.php, etc.) it should fit your current theme design.

    Good luck



    HOW do you adjust the CSS of the copied files?


    @annelineb, with a CSS of your theme basically.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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