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    We are contacting you regarding the hits on our server and website. We hosted our website on WP Engine, and when we checked the usage of the CPU and server, a lot of hits were coming to the wp-admin Ajax on the website. We also did a deep check, and we found that a lot of hits are coming from the post-views-counter plugin on the posts and pages, we’ve noticed the pvc-check-post action related to the post-views-counter plugin. Some other plugins are also causing this same WP Ajax overhitting issue, but this posts-view-counter plugin is hitting every post and page. Most of this DB activity on our website is linked to Admin Ajax usage. Due to this, we are facing slow loading of our website, and the MySQL usage is higher than expected. Also, CPU usage is increasing, which will lead to performance issues and slow loading.

    PFA :-

    Is there any way to reduce the hits to the server from the post-view-counter plugin? How can we reduce it? Any suggestions?

    Please let us know your feedback and thoughts.

    Thank you

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