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    symm metrium

    I really love your plugin! Some features I thought would be nice to have are:

    – the ability to add & display organizer logos

    – to have a website field for each location

    – the ability in settings to choose whether to link organizer and location names to their own specified websites instead of linking to the event listings for these.

    Many thanks!


    Thank you :)

    First two features are possible to do in the upcoming release.

    The third one can be achieved by the template files modifications, according to the instructions provided in templates settings (copy the taxonomy-event-location.php file into your theme and adjust it to your needs)

    symm metrium

    Yes, thank you, I did that with a custom template. Actually I also modified the plugin to include the location fields, and I’ll be looking forward to the next version for the logos : )

    It would actually be great to have a template for past events too. Or would it be possible for you to advise me on how I could do this?

    Thank you! : )


    Actually it’s pretty easy. If you’d like to use something like past events archive you can for example:

    1. create a page (for example Past Events),
    2. make a page template for it (e.g. page-past-events.php)
    3. assign this template to Past Events Page
    4. use this page template to create custom events query ( using WP_Query, get_events() or get_posts() function. You’d have use show_past_events and event_start_before parameters
    5. Display the results of the query in the page-past-events.php page template the way you like it to (for example similary to archive-events.php)

    There are other ways also, but that one should be ok I think.

    Here are some tutorials on how to achieve something similar:

    symm metrium

    Just a quick note to thank you for taking my comments into account in the latest version – and also for providing the documentation to resolve my past events archive question.. : )) …Very smooth! ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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