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    Hi there, we want to have an image on the page that says “Click here to view our photos”, once clicked we want it to open the hidden gallery with 5 images in it. We do not want the first image that appears to be the image that says ‘click here to view our photos’… is this possible?



    Sure, you cust use the text mode in shortcode as described here:


    Hi sorry I’m still not seeing the solution.

    I want to have an image that opens a hidden gallery but I do not want that image to appear in the gallery….

    Many thanks.


    Would love an answer here, thank you!


    I agree, I dont see a solution to this issue. I would like to use an image that is not in the Gallery to open the lightbox.

    Lorenzo Consenti

    I agree with the guys above: your documentation isn’t so helpful about this issue, which affects me, too.

    Scott Pelland

    I am having the same problem and I’m pretty shocked that there has been no response on this very obvious concern. I did add an image via Featured Image panel for the gallery. I selected the “Media Library” option and chose the image I wanted to be the clickable trigger to open the Hidden Gallery. That image shows up on the Gallery Manager page, but it does not display on the site via the shortcode. Furthermore, in the Config tab I’ve set the Mode to Image. Please provide a step-by-step answer. The documentation is incomplete.

    Brian Leverington

    Hi, I have just bought the Hidden extension yesterday and I have the same issue, the reason I bought the Hidden extension was for this supposed ability to link a lightbox gallery from any single image however this feature to use any image other than the 1st image in the gallery is not working.

    A fix or any advice on how to get this feature working would be much appreciated.

    Hugo Janin

    Hello everyone. Same issue here … I think an answer is deserved.

    Markus Brückner

    is there a solution?
    I have the same problem and no idea how to solve…

    Martin McKenzie

    Just bought hidden gallery with the same problem outlined in previous posts. Has anyone found a work-around or received a reply?



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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