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    Kelly Normand

    My site is: You can see on the home page – even the “embed” function does not seem to be working. I added a YouTube video using simply the link as described at: – it is simply the Youtube link, on it’s own line, and not hyperlinked. All that shows up in the live site is the line: — no video. On one of the other pages in the site I videos that I added using the “insert media” function; they show up, but are not working with lightbox fuction. The rest of the site is working well, but I need these videos to be responsive. PLEASE HELP!


    1. I don’t see our plugin enabled.
    2. Please disable prettyphoto script that it embedded by your theme is it will generate coflicts with our plugins (2 scripts doing the same thing)
    3. Disable all the video handling plugins you might have activated.

    Follow that it should be fine.


    hello –
    i’m having trouble with the lightbox for videos.
    i added the rel link to the embed code as i saw on this post and it worked, except after closing the video’s lightbox, i was unable to open any other image or video lightbox on the same page.
    any ideas why the lightbox would stop functioning after the video opens/closes?


    @jvbats, please post a separate topic on that, and provide a link to the site where the problem occurs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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