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    Oleksii Malikov


    First of all, thanks for great plugin!

    But now I need some help.

    I dont know why, but NivoLightbox shows my searchform in lightbox (integrated via shortcode), but dont do the same thing for elements on this form. (see screanshot link)
    So I’m getting dropdownsearch working normal, and mapsearch that dont make any searches. Map displays like and image without controls and square search area.


    I’m using “Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies” search plugin.
    Here is link:

    This plugin has a shortcode
    [search-form id=”Id of your search form”]

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ Oleksii


    Thanks Oleksii,

    I think that kind of external elements (like Google Map) will only work in iframe mode and it seems to be working fine.

    But you’d like it to be working via shortcode – is that what you need?

    Oleksii Malikov

    Yeah, in iframe its working fine. But this type of integration has some issues with layout and other stuff.

    Shortcode is more native and natural for my needs.

    “But you’d like it to be working via shortcode” – exactly! Is it possible?


    WordPress shortcodes can output iframe as well – this is not a problem. But you just need to code it on your own for eg. modify the shortcode you are using or create another one.

    Iframe can cause some layout issues but this can be handled as well – iframe selector is accessible via CSS.

    Oleksii Malikov

    I mean, I just need to show my searchform in lightbox. I can do it anywhere with a shortcode. But it works bad in the NivoLightbox.

    I dont want to make a page, insert there my searchform, and then integrate it with an iframe into lightbox.
    Cuz it will cause me to cut header and fotter using <div>s, it will be strange looking thing on mobile devices, and so on.

    Thats why I said, that shortcode way will be more natural and logic.

    And it is so, just some Mapsearch-navigation problems.


    Ok, it’s hard to find out what you’re trying to do without looking into your code.

    But the screenshot suggests that only static elements are displayed in lightbox. Google map is loaded .

    I think you you have 2 options:
    – create a separate page tamplate and include that in lightbox with iframe mode (it’s not that easy but can be done)
    – try to load google map via Ajax

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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