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    As much as I like Google Geo Located maps for some things, and I appreciate the feature in this plugin, it’s not always the best solution.

    It would be helpful to be able to use our own map for a given location.

    Lots of reasons for this:

    Cultural: Japanese for example like to have their maps drawn differently than Google supplies.
    Event specific: Sometimes you may want a map that needs more special details than Google supplies.
    Accuracy: Sometimes G-Maps are just plain wrong
    Performance: Small hit, but if a site is doing tons of these, maybe the static map could have some advantages.



    Thank you for your suggestions John. I see your point but I believe this is not what the majority of users would like to see.

    However, what you described above can be done pretty easilly if we added an image field or image gallery to the location details (event-location taxonomy).

    For now you can remove the Google Map code from the specific template files (copied to your current theme first) or modify the pluggable function responsible for GMap display – em_display_event_locations() to be precise.


    I see your point but I believe this is not what the majority of users would like to see.

    That’s fine, and I would defend your right to make your plugin however you see fit. I would say though, that the majority of plugins that have Google Geolocation code, have options to not use it without hacking the plugin. As I looked at your plugin, it seems many features require I make changes to your core code to make changes. Hmmmm :) Maybe time for a “settings file” of some kind or options added to the admin interface?

    So again, it’s your code and I support that, but I think many users might disagree with your assessment of the option to provide a way to not use the feature.

    I do very much appreciate your simple and fresh approach to an event calendar, especially with WPML support as a primary consideration. You are on a very positive track with this plugin. Lots of wonderful “simple elegance” going on here.

    I will be keeping any eye on your progress and hopefully be able to utilize in on several site I manage in the future.

    Sincere regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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