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    Tomeu Canyelles

    I can’t get around to make the events look on my site like the way other pages and posts look. I have tried to copy templates from events folder to may theme’s folder (I’m using enfold) but nothing changes.

    I have seen on other threads that you are supposed to compare files from the theme against files from the plugin and “adjust acordingly”. But what does that mean? I’m not a programmer. I have been able to open two files side by side (single.php and single.event.php) but I have no idea what to adjust. I don’t even know where to look at, it looks like a foreign language to me.

    Could you be more specific as to what and how I should be adjusting.

    This plugin looks great and it has features that other more stablished plugins don’t have. I’m running events calendar but it has compatibility issues with WPML which your plugin has not. On the other hand, with events calendar there is no need to be messing around with php or CSS files to adjust the format to the way your have configured your site.

    Every thing else I’ve been looking at in your plugin is very easy to customize. Adjusting the settings is easy, creating new events, locations, organizers, categories and tags. All is very strait forward from WP dashboard. But non of this is of any use if I can’t display the information as it should be displayed.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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