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    Is there some comprehensive documentation on the additional parameters I can add to the native wordpress gallery shortcode that your lightbox can read? I cannot find this anywhere.

    I am using the lightbox capabilities, but cannot use the Gallery builder because I need to use a media_category that works in native gallery shortcode but is not compatible with your gallery functions. However it seems that your lightbox can read some additional parameters in my shortcode – was hoping to find a list of those in your documentation somewhere.


    There is no media_category attribute in native WP shortcode. I guess you are using a plugin or your theme supports that. Do you have Folders enabled in RLG settings? Did you try it’s capability to have a gallery of images created from a selected media category? Maybe this is what would suite you most?

    But answering to your question – the plugin indeed provides multiple shortcode parameters for the native WP gallery shortcode but these are not well docymented. We’re just moving away from shortcodes and focus on the gallery builder way of handling galleries.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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