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    I’ve installed the plugin and have a number of Vimeo videos embedded the normal WordPress way via [embed]video link[/embed] and I’ve also pasted the web link to the video without the short embed code too, but the lightbox doesn’t pick anything up.


    Looking mainly at those 3 videos on that page I want to open in lightboxes. Running Divi theme 2.2.



    Is there a direct link somewhere in the page? I don’t see it.


    Sorry for taking ages to reply. The page is built with the page builder, could this be the issue? I’ve added a new section below the blue box and above the testimonials and just directly written the Vimeo link (you can see it on the page, it just has the link text), so it isn’t even picking up the link as being a video at all.


    Hey there Bartosz, wondering if you can take a look at my gallery too. Your lightbox is installed but isn’t working for some reason. I’m using Responsive Gallery Grid, which does not come with a lightbox. The author’s demo is running jq.swipebox.

    I really want this plugin to work – I’ve spent many hours trying various lightboxes but yours has a great many more features than most. My theme came with swipebox but I really don’t like it and have renamed the script so it won’t load.

    My Gallery

    Responsive Gallery Plugin demo

    Thank You!


    I fixed my troubles and your plugin works great. No need to respond.

    Note to Others who do not see the lightbox:
    Your theme developer or your gallery plugin may have encoded a custom REL value into all gallery image links. If your lightbox does not work at all, view source on any gallery thumbnail image. Whatever value is entered in the REL tag (example, rel=”rgg”) must be entered in the Responsive Lightbox General Settings page, 2nd field from top, “Selector.”

    Then you should be golden.



    I have the same problem. I tried your hint, but in my html code, there is no rel attribute. What can I co?

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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