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    Alexander Offermann

    I’m trying to activate the licenses for the Photo & Art Bundle Single extensions for Responsive Lightbox & Gallery 2.1.0 but I keep getting “licenses activation failed.” responses. I’ve gone to the Purchase History page and made sure that they are all shown as Active and have my Site URL in them properly. I’ve then copied and pasted the License keys from that section and pasted them into the fields in the Licenses Tab under the Lightbox section and hit Save Changes, but it keeps saying “3 licenses activation failed” (I installed Lightcase Lightbox, Lightgallery Lightbox, and Photoswipe Lightbox extensions). Are there any other steps I can take to debug why I can’t activate them?

    Alexander Offermann

    Any help on this issue? If not, can I get a refund of my license? The plugin is not working correctly and I’m assuming it’s because the license activation failed?

    Martin Eiser

    Bought Hidden Gallery same problem. And no answer from the support so far? Really?


    Hi guys does anyone got an answer. I bought the whole photo&art package and I can´t use not one of this products. Support is not responsive on my mails and can´t reach someone via phone.


    Turned out we had a server side issue recently that did not allow for plugin updates or activations.
    Should be fixed now so please check again.

    Harmony Coburn

    I am having the same problem


    Just bought an extension ‘Hide gallery’ and have the same issue ‘activation failed’. Can you help me with this?

    Neil Pollick

    I bought Respoonsive Lightgallery plugin a few days ago and then activated my website for single site use on the dfactory website but it still doesn’t work. I have sent them 2 emails and filled out the contact form here. They ignore my complaints It seems they ignore everyone. I feel like a sap for buying their product.

    Perhaps another customer can help me?

    When I click on SETTINGS for the plugin in my plugins page of the WP dashboard it renders a page with the message “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page”
    I cannot get to any page that allows me to add images and format the gallery.

    I am guessing that I have been had, but perhaps one of you has a way to get this plugin working?

    Neil Pollick

    In additon to my previous post, I should say that the other plugins I am using update without any problem.

    Neil Pollick

    or rather the guy on my webserver did.

    You simply have to install fhe free plugin called “Responsive Lightbox & Gallery”
    I got it here

    Then the plugin that you bought will finally work!!
    This developer meeds to communicate better, this was never said or printed when I bpought the “Responsive Lightbox – Lightgallery” plugin.

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