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    haoxin li

    I have tried to install inline-gallery, code has taken effect and changed. Just like this.
    <div class=”rl-gallery-container” id=”rl-gallery-container-1″ data-gallery_id=”0″> <div class=”rl-gallery rl-inline-gallery ” id=”rl-gallery-1″ data-gallery_no=”1″>
    But js css does not have any calls. I did not find any related inline-gallery-js.
    When I set “autoplay” or “show image navigation” or any other settings in inline-gallery, it has no effect.
    When I switch back to basic slider or basic grid. Everything can run normally. Just under inline-gallery, it does not work properly.
    I filled out the licenses and bound my website domain name. I disabled all unnecessary plugins and cleared the cache, but it still doesn’t work.
    Can you tell me what went wrong?

    haoxin li

    I have fixed the previous problem, but a new problem has appeared. The inline-gallery is only normal on the computer side, but the ipad and mobile side cannot be displayed, and the error “Gallery could not load” is reported.

    haoxin li

    Please ignore the above two problems, I have found the reason, because the plug-in conflicts.
    There is still a problem, I found that this problem is the same as the one demonstrated by your plug-in.
    You can try to open your demo url.

    On the computer, click on the picture to open a pop-up window, is okay. But on the mobile phone, click on the picture can not jump out of the window and enlarge the picture.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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