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    Levi Browde

    We are using your lightcase lightbox on our site.

    If you go to this page:
    …and click into the photo gallery to bring up the light box.

    Navigate to the second image in this gallery; it exhibits this issue very clearly.

    On desktop, the image looks good and you can read the large caption below.
    On mobile, the image is tiny, and the caption is restricted to the width of the image, so it gets cut off.

    We’re trying to fix the following on mobile:
    (1) On mobile, allow the image to be full (screen) width
    (2) Any way to move the image up (not vertically centered) so that there’s room for the long caption?

    Thank you!

    jahanzeb locker

    Hi, Levi browd! I got your point. previously I have faced the same issue with my behanger inhuren website.
    Mostly it depends upon the themes you are using. I recommend you to use generate press which is well customized for androids and desktop as well.
    I hope you are getting my point.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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