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    Hi! I have a running website with no post views counter till now. I installed your plugin but I have few questions:

    1. Can your plugin get data from Google analytics or other statistics so it can count also the visits to every post before the installation of the plugin?

    2. If the issue in 1 cannot be done, can I make the plugin counter to show only in new posts from now on, not in the previous posts? The problem is that I have social share plugin installed so for example it shows on an older post that there are 100 facebook shares and your plugin (because it is newly installed) shows for that post only 1 or 2 views. I would like to get over that problem.




    Answering to your question:

    In the future: There will be an option to customize the views count manually.
    For now: use the pvc_post_views_html filter hook and don’t display the views count if if it’s lower then x. Like this:

    function df_pvc_post_views_html($html, $post_id, $views) {
    	if ((int)$views < 100)
    		$html = '';
    	return $html;
    add_filter('pvc_post_views_html', 'df_pvc_post_views_html', 10, 3);

    Hi! Where I have to edit this code, in which file? Where I have to define the minimum value of views?


    The problem is that now for example i will define 50 views as minimum value, then the article gets 51 views and the counter is shown. But my older articles have more than 1000 shares in Facebook and it will be still strange these articles to have only 51 views for example

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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