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    I use the prettyphoto lightbox option. I’d like to find any way to add text to the larger photo that pops up when I click the thumbnail. The thumbnail displays the alt but the lightboxed photo doesn’t. Here is an example of my PHP code:

    $photo_title = esc_html(get_user_meta($profile_user_id, “historical_photo_1_description”, $single ));
    $historical_photo_1_url = ‘/wp-content/uploads/’.$historical_photo_1;
    $historical_photo_1_tp = get_photo_thumbprint($historical_photo_1) ;
    $historical_photo_1_tp_url = ‘/wp-content/uploads/’.$historical_photo_1_tp;

    On mouseover the thumbnail displays the intended text, but when the larger photo gets displayed, nothing displays either static or when mouseovered. Do I need to add a caption to the lightboxed larger image?


    Similar problem.
    Caption, title, alt text doesn’t work on individual images opened by the lightbox.
    How to solve?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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