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    teddy baker

    Hi, Sorry and call em stupid, but I just dont knowhow this plugin works. Your documentation is almost zero and I can NOT see a page listing all my pdfs’s on the site or admin?

    I have installed the plugin, but can’t see where to upload my docs/pdfs is this to the media library or as the screen shots a separate page in the admim???

    I can see the settings but nothing else! Your documentation shows two short codes, but when i add this to a page nothing happens.

    Can you walk me through this.
    Where do I organise my pdf’s?
    How do i display them on the page?
    How can i see the pages as shown on your screenshots?

    Go to the Download Attachments settings under News menu and set your desired options. Where is this??


    teddy baker

    Where is the Drag & drop files ordering? Possible plugin clash? I am using a Genesis theme and have a various plugins installed.


    Hi Teddy,

    This is such an easy to use plugin that it requires just basic WP knowledge, so a couple of questions from us:

    How experienced are you in WordPress?
    Did you go to plugin settings?
    Did you understan d and set them?
    What are your settings?

    teddy baker

    Hi, This may sounds stupid again but I quite experienced with WP.

    I go to Settings > DA > and have changed a few things there but, i can’t see how are where I add new attachments and organize them? The setting seems straight forward but would like your advice.

    I can email you a screenshot?

    The first screenshot of your plugin shows a list of the attachments, i can’t see this page, where is it?

    I assume you then use the shortcodes to display the products on the page?



    If you enabled DA for posts, go to posts and there should be a new metabox available where you can select attachments from Media Library / upload new – exactly like you’re adding new images into post or anywhere else in WP. Selected files will appear in the metabox, you’ll be able to sort them (via drag & drop), remove, add new, edit, etc. – all that using native WP interface.

    Then, after the attachments are added for specific post or page (or any cpt) it will be displayed before or after that specific post content (on the frontend of your site).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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