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    I created a folder in the Media Library and uploaded around 50 photos to it. I clicked Gallery / Add New and of the four options on the Images tab I selected “Media Folders”. This would be ideal but it randomly arranges the photos – the “Config” tab has an “Orderby” option with “Title” as a choice, which is what I want, but IT DOES NOT WORK. So I go back to the Images tab and choose “Media Library” and click “Select images” and it brings up my ENTIRE Media library – I have no way to just access the folder with my new photos. I’d have to search through hundreds of items to find the 50 I uploaded and then manually rearrange them in Title order, which is difficult because the title isn’t displayed either.

    What am I missing? I can’t get the “Media Folders” Orderby option to work (there are very few times anyone would WANT their images in a random order). The “Media Library” option ignores the folders and lists my entire library, forcing me to search through hundreds of images.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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