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    We use Responsive Lightbox & Gallery, and we usually have our galleries configured to Basic Masonry. Recently, all our galleries (those set to Basic Masonry, Basic Global, Basic Grid, etc) are doing something strange.

    When you click one the images in the gallery to look at it closer, the image does not pop up front and center like it should. Instead, the screen becomes grayed out, giving the illusion that the image is not loading. You have to scroll down to the see the image. Also, there are no arrows for moving between images in the gallery. This happens on both desktop and mobile.

    The issue with this is that users are assuming that our images will not load, because they see just a grayed-out screen when they click on image. One of our computers (an old one) displays the galleries correctly, with the image popping up front and center with arrows on either side to scroll between images. Our new computer and both our iPhones are having the grayed-out, must-scroll issue.

    Both WordPress is updated and the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plug-in are up-to-date. We use WP Rocket, and we cleared and pre-loaded the cache. The issue still remains.

    This page has one of the galleries that is experiencing this issue:

    Thank you for any help you can provide!!


    I fixed the problem! For anyone who finds this post, this was the solution:

    We had the Smush image optimization plug in installed, as well as WP Rocket. Something between both image optimization plugins was in conflict. When I deactivated Smush, the galleries started working properly.

    So if you are experiencing this same issue, I would recommend seeing if you have multiple image optimization plugins and then disabling one of them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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