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    Jérôme Pierre

    I just installed, activated and set your plugin.
    So far it was smooth and easy.

    Now it works well with single images, but galleries still show up “normally”.
    Here’s an example:

    (Don’t pay too much attention to details and content, this site is currently under construction…)

    Don’t know if there’s a conflict with my theme or another plugin…
    At least I see no JS error.
    I’ve tried to add manually the required rel=”lightbox” to the relevant links, via Firebug, but nothing happened.
    Any idea of what I might do?

    Thanks by advance for your help!


    You are using Jetpack for image galleries – it handles what our plugin does and I think this might be the case.

    Jérôme Pierre

    Thanks Bartosz.
    Sounds perfectly consistent for me.

    In fact, I just check this, and now it works well indeed.
    Great effect when the slideshow is running!

    On the other hand, not only I had to desactivate the Carousel, but also the Mosaic Gallery option.
    Too bad this isn’t compatible with your plugin, as the design of the original gallery in WordPress posts looks quite cheap.

    Anyway, you did a great job on your side.
    And again, thanks for your help.

    Now I’m gonna dig in the CSS to see if I can improve the look of my galleries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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