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    For whatever reason, selecting the Fancybox lightbox ended up not working. The Fancybox script, from what I can see in the dev tools, is outdated and pieces of it don’t call correctly. I went into the plugin source files and updated the fancybox js script and css to use the newest version of Fancybox (2.1.5) manually (along with adding a few new images the css needed), which fixed it. However, I don’t want my client to see that the plugin down the road needs updating, clicking to do it and overriding the changes I made. Can you guys possibly include the latest version of Fancybox in the plugin? That would be greatly appreciated!


    Christopher, we’re aware of that. But the problem is Fancybox above 2.0 is licenced under Creative Commons what makes it impossible to use in WP plugins repository.

    On the other hand there were quite many requests to include it in Responsive Lightbox that’s why it’s there. We simmply decided to use it in the last GPL compatible version.

    There’s nothing more we can do here.


    Ah, okay then. I appreciate your quick response on the matter. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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