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    flip star

    Hi there,

    i used Easy FancyBox before but switched to Responsive Lightbox because (of course) of the Responsive Feature. I installed and activated the plugin and made sure the rel=”lightbox” tag is set to the images.

    After that i tried the differnt lightboxes available. PrettyPhoto and Swipebox are doing well, nivo Lightbox is only showing the overlay but i am not able to scroll the pictures (neither by scroll nor by keys) and, the big problem, fancybox is just dont work at all.

    that means: if i choose fancybox as my lightbox nothing happens when i click on a gallery picture. i can see the rel tag is set and disabled and deleted the easy fancybox plugin of course but it dont work.

    i have no idea why just the one i want to use is not working but maybe you guys do. if i can give you any further information i will do this but right now i dont know what could be interesting.

    ok, one thing, i am using a “all in one gallery” which is grouping the images before i show the image page but i dont think that is releated. also i am using a gridview for the images called “Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack” but let me say – it worked with the easy fancybox plugin without problems. so i guess (or hope) its not because of that.

    again, i hope someone is able to give me a hint what may be the problem.

    – flipstar

    flip star

    maybe its helpful if you could see the problem on the actual site. so here you go directly to the images:

    fancybox is enabled


    Your theme is embedding fancyBox too, so if you use RL it generates a conflict and JS errors on your site. Remove the fancybox code from the theme and it should be fine.

    flip star

    thanks bartosz, i was overseeing that.

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