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    Thanks for this elegant plug in. I have thumbnail images on a page that I want included in the lightbox. No problem there.

    But I also have print resolution versions of those same images linked by text link (not by thumbnail) on the page. By default, these are included in the lightbox. I want to exclude them, as they are very large files. Essentially, I want lightbox to display the “Large” version of each image, but not the “Full” version (which is only linked by text).

    I do not see a way to exclude individual linked images. You can see a sample of what I am trying to accomplish at .

    I appreciate any help you can offer.


    For now, you can just disable automatic adding rel=”lightbox” to image links and add that manually for desired images.

    But we also think about adding filter hooks in the future releases.


    This would be a great feature. There is a super easy workaround though: end the image URL with “#” as in “my-image.png#”. The plugin regex won’t pick it up, but browsers load it normally (tested in Chrome and Firefox, Safari).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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