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    I’m using the Foodtruck Theme and my homepage displays 10 upcoming events in ascending order according to start date. It used to work fine before but now the events display in random order.


    I’m having the same issue. I tried to change an event’s category on my page, and it messed up the whole sort order. I used to be able to sort it by Start Date, and now it’s sorting randomly even though in the settings it says Start Date.

    I tried changing the sort to Date Posted and it won’t save that change, so something is wrong.

    It also looks like when I remove the category I use to put it on the Front Page using Quick Edit, it also removes my start/end dates. I can send screenshots.

    Please help!

    The website is if you want to see. It should be showing only May 5 events today, and it’s showing events into June.



    I managed to temporarily get today’s events up by declassifying other events, but you can still see the error in sorting if you scroll to the bottom of this page:

    And I’m going to have to reclassify all the May-June events I just declassified if I want them to show up.

    Please fix this ASAP – thanks!


    Never mind – it isn’t your plugin, but was an issue with another plugin. Thanks!



    I encounter the same problem while running a WP 4.9.7 with Event maker 1.6.14.
    What is very strange, is that even in admin event panel, when sorting events list on start date, the event still appear in creation order (or in post-id order).

    I read now that my version of Event Maker is compatible ut to WP 4.7.11, so that this problem may be linked to changes in date gestion in recent WP ?

    I saw that the latest EM version enabled dates format choice and I tried to encode the same date format in the WP settings and this does not change anything.

    I also tried to set the default sort order ont start_date ine the EM general settings, but this also does not change anything.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions …


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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