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    I have enabled the plugin to work with the wordpress gallery and when i add a gallery to the page, I can see some lightbox data added to the HTML


    When i click any of these, it just brings me to the attachment page. There are no JS errors in the console. I have made sure no JS minify tools are enabled and i do not see any js code or external JS script included on the page. If i check the links, I don’t see any event handlers setup for them to handle the click event. It doesn’t look like any JS is being included on the page to handle the event.

    Is there any tips that I can follow to start debugging this to see what is going on?

    I enabled advanced gallery and created a gallery here. Added the shortcode to a post and it was a similar problem. It doesn’t look like any of the lightbox JS is there.


    I added a custom hook for wp_print_styles and I see the following scripts queued

    jquery | jquery-ui-core | jquery-effects-core | jQuery-image-mapper | jQuery-mousew-imapper | jQuery-customScroll-imapper | rollover-imapper | jquery-prettyPhoto-imapper | wfi18njs | wordfenceAJAXjs | responsive-lightbox-magnific | responsive-lightbox | toc-front |

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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